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Installing Windows and you get a "Cannot install on this volume" message


If you get some sort of error message when installing Windows or Server like this:

 “Windows is unable to install to the selected location” with an error code 0x80300001 or MBR problem

Method 1: When its a MBR vs GPT use diskpart

Press Shift + F10, go into command prompt and type


Then view disk

Select the disk and then


now type in convert GPT

Type Exit return twice, then select refresh, the message should go


Method 2: When its an 0x80300001 error - By Reselecting the Partition


This usually happens when you remove the setup disk and dont put it back. Usually because you have left a RAID driver disk in situ. Its a stupid error from Microsoft and its fix is simple. All you have to do is just remove your media containing the driver and replace it or the Windows install disk and reinsert it. Then all you have to do is click refresh and re-select your partition.  

Method 3: : When its an 0x80300001 error -By Disconnecting All The Unnecessary External Drives


Now the reason why people get this error is not very clear but it has something to do with the removable storage devices. So what you want to do is remove all the unnecessary storage devices from your computer.

Step 1: Turn your computer off.

Step 2: Disconnect all the extra internal hard disks(if any). Also, make sure to remove any other USB drives except for the drive containing the Windows ISO Image. Also do not remove the mouse and the keyboard.

Step 3: Now turn your computer back on and resume with the installation process.

Method 4: : When its an 0x80300001 error - By Deleting Disk Partition


Step 1: Take backup of the disk.

Step 2: Now, delete any existing partition.

Step 3: Remove the USB drive containing Windows ISO file.

Step 4: Click on Refresh.

Step 5: Now plug your USB drive back in.

Step 6: Click on Refresh once again

That’s it and now you may continue with your installation process.


Thats how to fix the cant error or  0x80300001 error in Windows 10. If you see the error, no need to panic it is just one of the stupid Windows errors and you can easily fix it by the methods above.

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