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Setting a server to use an NTP server time source


Setting a server to use an NTP server


Internet time tab on the clock/date control panel was completely missing. The server joined the domain. When any computer joins a domain, the Internet Time tab is removed. This will happen for ANY version of windows. The thought was that when the client logs on, the time will be sync'ed to the domain time server.

Check it's current status first:

w32tm /query /status

It's likely that the source will be set to 'local CMOS clock'.

From an elevated position, open command prompt:

w32tm /config /syncfromflags:MANUAL /
w32tm /config /update

I've used but any NTP server can be added by changing the above line.

Try the status command again to see if the source has changed. If it hasn't try the following:

w32tm /resync
net stop w32time
net start w32time

Another command which may also work is:

w32tm /config /

Don't forget to restart the service afterwards.

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